Uluwatu Temple, Kecak Dance; Jimbaran Fish Restaurants

From $30 per person

This spectacular tour starts at 16.30 when you drive to Uluwatu, one of the six main temples in Bali, built around the 8th century, 75 meters above sea level. According to the Balinese cosmology Uluwatu’s entrance gate is facing in the direction of Besakih temple’s gate. Wearing a Sarong, you will start to walk up the cliff with stunning views around. In the temple yard you will see some macaque monkeys but be careful with the things you bring especially (eyeglasses, earrings, aids, etc) as they are quite wild. At 18.00 the Balinese Kecak dance from the Ramayana epic is held. This tells an eternal love tale between Rama and Shinta and perhaps there will be a beautiful sunset background. It is really an unforgettable experience. Transfer back to dinner at one of the Jimbaran Fish restaurants where delicious fresh fish, prawns or lobsters are served.

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US Dollars per Person $70 $50 $45 $40 $35 $30

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